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05-25-2010, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by PsychicKitty
Well i personaly just hope that all items will eventualy become available inthe c-store or through game play unlocks.....but thats just my opinion i guess

I think its neat being able to get the stuff earlier before everyone else....but i think it would be more neat to have those same things eventualy available for other people.....and maybe instead have the pre-order thing...just letting people have newer things to play with first....

If i was in charge of the promo stuff for cryptic...the items and unlocks and things.....i would give them to the veteran palyers first....maybe as a thank you for their support.....and then give them out a month or two later in the veteran rewards program...then a month or two after that make the items available on the c-store.....

That way everyone can get the items.....people cant whine about costs becasue they can get the stuff for free....people cant whine about not getting something other people have becasue they can get them too...people cant whine about having to wait a long time becasue they will be inthe c-store so if they are realy new players they can just buy the items instead of waiting....and people cant whine about exclusive stuff becasue they get to try the stuff first.

but as i said...this is simply my opinion....
I agree that these items should be available by other means, but the C-Store is NOT an option as it will alienate and pi$$ people off who worked hard to get said item. By offering it for a few hundred (or even a few thousand) CP, Cryptic would be shooting themselves once again in the foot. I am an advocate of the Vet program, though. It would award long-term players without annoying too many people. Reading through (and even posting in) several of this type of thread, there are lots of people who are willing to share their toys, but not for free or cheap.

But, of course, that is MY opinion.