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05-25-2010, 01:36 PM
I use the Saitek "Cyborg Command Unit", which was the cheapest gameboard I could see. It's a fine piece of hardware.

The software for programming it isn't very intuitive, and it sometimes activates two powers at once, which I think is probably a result of me not programming it right.

(Specifically- let's say I map a button on it to Ctrl+4. Hitting that button activates the power set for Ctrl+4 and the power set to just the number 4. This isn't a problem for me as I've arranged the powers so this happens to complementary things, but it would be a problem for some)

...and I can't help but think I'm using their indecipherable profile editor incorrectly. But I would reluctantly recommend spending the extra money for a Belkin or Logitech instead. Should be much easier to set up.