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05-25-2010, 06:16 PM
Thanks Cpt.Stevens, Longasc, Lord_Calidor. I'm glad you're all finding it as useful as I.

Originally Posted by Hellspawny View Post
Efficient BOffs actually do stack. I've tested my 4 Saurians and came to the same results as in the spreadsheet. It also showed me that an additional fifth Saurian just adds a single point to two of the four power levels. I'll better keep my TSS III Tac.

I'm using this spreadsheet for 2 weeks now and it helped me saving al lot of skill points. I was wondering that no one else has posted in this thread when I rediscovered it yesterday. Seems like it has finally gotten the attention that it deserves.
Thanks for the Feedback Hellspawny. And thank you for the very kind words, I do hope others are able to use it too

I finally found Efficient Saurians on the Exchange. They're god-awefully expensive, aren't they? Heh. You have five of them?!? I'm most impressed! In a short time, I might be able to afford one, though it'll completely clean me out... but why not, I've nothing else to spend my cash on. And I've also got enough Merits, I can respec and take points out of a couple of my Efficiency Skills and put them elsewhere. Not much, but every little bit helps, and as I say, what else have we to do at RA5 (until July, that is), but fine tune every ounce we can out of these characters, eh wott?