Thread: Whats Magical?
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05-25-2010, 08:17 PM
I have four things that I think of immediately

1. Band camp, the cool breeze tangling with the hot sun, the green field, the tanned skin, the eyes filled with pride, feet on the line, bending your knee into the mud to do a horn pop while all the girls squeal. Good times

2. When I went to Hawaii (with the band lol)...sitting on a beach in Honolulu at night under some palm trees leaning on my then girlfriend. Watching boats on the horizon light up the black ocean. Then chasing her along said beautiful beach. Very magical.

3. When I am in the heat of a duel in sword class against a competent opponent who forces me to bring out my best. The clash of the bokken ringing in my ears, the adrenaline flowing...the mind somehow racing yet thinking of nothing in particular. When you face a skilled opponent I've found you're really just battling your own faults and inconsistencies...your opponent just brings them out. All of this takes place in seconds too, its beautiful.

4. When I went to China for a pre-olympic cultural festival (with the band). It rained constantly and everything was so ancient and expansive. Getting to talk with the Chinese people really put things in perspective too, it was nice to know that they're really not too different on the core level.