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05-26-2010, 05:53 AM
you can get a retrain for ingame currency as well, its 20ooo (****ing) merits ^^

but i agree, i think cryptic cuts away a whole lot of game variety by making respecc this un-attractive.

if they would allo respecc on a more casual basis, it would add "game content" in the game, without adding any content @all. if im bored - i will respecc.

in this game, when you're tired of your cruiser, youll quit and cancel the subscription ...

its always the same: blizz is a company that wants to "live" (means gaining a broad community, a stable community, thats happy and willing to pay)
while cryptic is a "throw a game out and make as much money in shortest time possible" company.

sure, with the c-store they make much more money than blizz in their beginning, but they will not survive, as they f**k most players in their games with things that are only available through c-store.

unfortunately blizz saw this, and is now immitating this behavior, but sure they will get credit 4 that ^^

i am personnally a real enemy of things getting in to some stores that should have been in the game