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05-27-2010, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by Corban_Lewis
Agreed. Now to topple our respective governments and take over. Flasherman, Dawson, Hoplite and Woe can work on the UK.

I'll have to handle Canada with any Canuckian 10ites that are willing to help.

You have the toughest job Haz, but you also have the greatest amount of 10ites to help you.

Now if only we had a private forum where we could discuss out plans further. :p
There was a British SF film released in 1935 called "The Tunnel" with this theme. The idea was that by physically linking the English-speaking democracies a golden age of peace and freedom would be created. The heroic visionary of the project was opposed by an evil cabal of international arms dealers. The American release was entitled "Transatlantic Tunnel" and shows up on Turner Classic Movies occasionally.

I just added this trivia because I love this sort of stuff.