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05-27-2010, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by Alecto View Post
Hey StormShade, I'm sorry I'm a little confused, where do I find this "Pidgin client"?

You say it's a IM program so I'm guessing I have to look for it externally, outside of the STO website right, so is it best to just Google it or is it linked into the site some where?

I read your entire post, I'm only realy familiar with MSN and Xfire, so I honestly thought the first place I look is "My Account" on the frontpage of the STO website, but I guess not.

EDIT: Is this what we need to download?
Yes that is it... is is one of the most popular multi framework opensource IM clients around... it used to be called GAIM before AOL sued to change the name.