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05-27-2010, 04:52 PM
Originally Posted by eqkosch
Thank you for putting the spreadsheet together. You have saved me alot of brain ache as before I was having to manually work with the excellent formulas provided by the original data miners.
You're welcome eqkosch. I built it for myself for the very same reason. I love to tinker with my character stats/equipment. I'm constantly trying to squeeze that extra point of progress out of the ether, ya know?

Edit: Wow! I just noticed you added a link to my thread in your signature! I've never been in someone else's signature before. I'm honored. Thanks!

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Thanks for the Bump LCARS, though I'm not sure what "/10charmumbojumbo" means, I'll assume it's a compliment. LOL

06/08/10 - Oh, I get the "/10charmumbojumbo" part now... You wanted to vote this link for sticky, but you have to type a minimum of 10 characters... See? I is smart. Derrr...