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05-28-2010, 05:58 AM
Originally Posted by LasseBlutstroemen
Oh great. Instead of finally giving us vendors that sell all the stuff so we're actually able to fully and thoroughly test ****, they throw in another toy. Sorry to rain your parade, Cryptic, but you definitely need to have a look at your priorities.

It's a cool feature, there just are more urgent matters to attend to. If you were still in school, teachers would have told you something like "sit, F, missed the subject".
I believe it was stated that they have been using this for interoffice communication and that they were extending it to us to help test for future implementation.

You must realize that NO new MMO releases a complete game as was intended from launch these days, you get out what you can by the deadline and do the best you can with the rest that's become a norm yes? Our Devs are doing a good job, and keeping us informed. They could just take our $$$ and let the hardcore fanboys pay the bill.

Didn't mean to mini rant just thought a complaint on a feedback thread was silly trollish thing.