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05-28-2010, 07:11 AM
Ok I finally managed to understand how to "join" the MUC version of TTS and have the server (which is definitely is a self-coded implementation and not ejabberd) accept my presence for it.

While the concept is good.

Your xmpp implementation for it is totally un-standard/wrong and will cause a lot of hassles with most xmpp clients out there and since I'm kind of knowledgeable on the matter I'll explain you why:

1) In your implementation the server to accept the presence stanza required to join the MUC for the in-game channels require the Nickname supplied to be exactly equal as the In-Game handle. I dunno if this is some sort of security measure but it seems a bit useless (see below) and believe me if you don't explain that throughly you'll find yourself cluttered in support requests.
2) In-Game someone talking from the xmpp service is tagged as: "Resource-Name@Handle". Now if you made it so we are unable to change the nickname with the MUC join presence stanza. You must be aware that it's very easy to do so client wise modifying the resource name. Perhaps I don't see the point of not using the "XEP" compliant way of it ^^.
3) I'm very happy that you want to use XMPP to allow out-of-game "in-game communication" accessing, but making your self-implementation fully compliant to the standard is always the best choice.

+1 Though and hope you accept my feedback as a positive one.