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Same problem - sitting in the middle of Psi Velorum space unable to do anything at all. Any zone, battle, transwarp or instance change and it boots me to the login menu with the 'Couldn't transfer Character' message. My Alt is unaffected, and playing on the same server.

I've logged four GM tickets, some of them now outstanding for hours without any response whatsoever. This game has the most appalling GM support I have ever experienced. I have never played an MMO where GM petitioning wasn't live. Although I'm loath to mention it, even in WoW I never had to wait for more than 20 mins.

I'm a lifetime subscriber and I've put up with all the woes so far but I work 100 hours a week and have spent 120 hours on this toon - if the problem is not resolved (ie, if I lose this toon) I will be recovering all of my subscription and cancelling my account.

Beyond unimpressed.