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Originally Posted by capt.wilson View Post
Luke Skywalker because he uses the force, has a lightsaber and most importantly, I don't know who/what Lobo is.

Brock Samson vs Bosco Albert Baracus?
Lobo is a DC comic book character.

Lobo possesses extraordinary strength. If Lobo sustains injury, his accelerated healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with superhuman speed and efficiency, and little apparent pain.He is immune to the effects of aging and disease and he has been banned from entering either Heaven or Hell. As such, even though he can sustain sufficient injury to be out of commission for quite some time, he will apparently heal from any injury, given sufficient time. For instance, Lobo can regenerate out of a pool of his own blood, apparently recycling the cells.

He's also a comedic character...dark though and well worth checking out.