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05-29-2010, 04:36 AM
At this point I'd like to see some screen shots to reassure myself they are making Caitians look at least something close to the species design in the animated series and not some freaking snarling werebeast thing with oversized sabertooth fangs. I wish the people who said they were on Tribble briefly had taken a screen shot so I could see how messed up they were and also to confirm it was true. This species should have a easy concept since M'ress provided a good concept female model. The males just need to be designed similarly with leonine and domestic features and with the option to have long mane-like hair or none at all. That way the player can decide to make the Caitian look like the animated series style version or that of the cameos seen in the movie. Maybe give a few ear, color, and fur pattern options.

I believe Caitians are a easy concept to draw and they might be nuking this although I realize that coding such as for animated tails and fur may be difficult and require extra time. However, the animated lion tail in Champions was very close to what a Caitian tail would look like so much of the time is likely being spent on fur texture and making sure the parts don't clip with the uniforms real bad. Just my guess. If the rumors I'm hearing are true then their initial design was more of a half-breed Caitian/Kzin in appearance. Unsure why they decided to take this route if it is true since it deviates from canon and that is even if you consider the animation canon which some don't. Maybe they were trying to placate the Kzinti fans the same time as Caitian fans. STO does not need the feline version of werewolves in the game especially since Caitian culture is not violent. I know they read these forums so I would hope that they have watched the animated series and done a search for Caitian designs on Google and Deviant Art. The biography of Lt M'ress should also be read. The models already exist for a proper Caitian and they don't need to be redesigned to look like something they are not. It seems that the subscibers are getting little say in this and of course those with lifetime subsciptions get no say if you know what I mean.

If you dislike Caitians or could care less about them then the product of how Caitians are done are of some importance to you. The reason is that if they turn out a very poor product it will demonstrate how future races such as Romulans, Tholians, and others might turn out when they release them. Although I doubt it would be as hard to create a Romulan template compared to Caitian I would hope they aren't going to just slap them together as a Vulcan in a new Uniform just so they can milk you quickly in the C-Store. All the races need to be done right. I'm willing to wait longer for the end product but would hope none of this is a tactic for stringing people along who are waiting on subscription and I would hope that the wait is worth it because the finish product of any race released will be the tell tale sign of honesty or subterfuge.