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05-29-2010, 07:04 PM
how about a freaking ground map that isnt bugged(empty), so far everytime I get the cluster mission that involves answering a distress call from a planet, and having to beam down to engage invaders, I get there and it is empty, i'm getting tired of filing bug reports on the same issues for months at a time, and not seeing anything fixed, got to love playing klingon and getting crap to work with, and I am in agreement with the above posts, about having to scan down an instance, wich takes time and you get nothing for the empty ones, then you get there and the map is empty of npcs...then you have to go through the frustrating process again, sorry for the rant but the treatment of this faction is just ridiculous, I dont care how many fed players there are, if you were not going to support all the available races then you shouldnt have bothered making them playable, why give us a taste of somthing that could be great with enough effort and instead give us half slapped together nonsense.

Umm and on another issue how about taking the time to answer some of the posts on the klingon side for a change, your customers are taking the time to give you feedback, and all we are getting back is "we are looking at it" or even more frustrating...nothing at all.