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05-30-2010, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by ElZombie
While this is quite valid I'd still like to see some Denobulans running around.

Of course, at some stage we have to ask how many species is too many?
I'm all for having tons of species to select. They are C-Store, no-one has to buy them all, so the more there are, the better the chance you can play your fave. I just think it should be fair (its not now, its only Fed species, not a single KDF one) and should also be done one step at a time. Instead of pushing out as many as possible as quick as possible, I'd rather see the devs take their time to make a correct model, even if it means to wait a bit. Simply scale the height to minimum and slap a Tellarite skin on the same basic body doesn't work - see beer belly issue. Same for Pakleds. Both would require a thicker base body. Ferengi have no teeth and traits with barely any relation to canon. Klingons still have VERY limited hair options: the dreadful dreadlocks, nothing even similar to what Klingons had on screen.
Rushed species won't satisfy their fans; I know a lot who didn't buy Ferengi because of the wrong traits (which are even listed as 'better' on the C-Store page than they are in game), or didn't buy Pakleds/Tellarites after seeing on BOs that they can't look like in the shows.