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05-31-2010, 12:15 PM
I just did that Mission this weekend, for the first time (FYI - not w/my primary character/RA5 listed in my signature, for some reason he neglected to hail Admiral T'nae and has yet to complete most of the Romulan missions, I'm using an Alt Sci Captain 4 toon). I had that happen once, where my Cap was moved but her BOs stayed behind. Like you got gib'd quickly (got a Minor Injury too, to boot). Turns out my BO's Rally Flag was set in the last encounter space. Once I un-rallied them, they followed me fine. I made sure they weren't flagged each time and I had no further problems.

I noticed on other Missions, that sometimes when switching floors or going through a door that if my BOs were set to a rally flag they wouldn't come down/through until released.