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06-01-2010, 03:42 PM
Hey, thanks for the calculator! It matches up exactly with the numbers I see in-game on Holodeck.

I did want to give you a heads up and point out that there are some changes on Tribble which are resulting in some different values than what's shown on the spreadsheet. I think below is a summary of the changes (although who knows what it will look like by the time it reaches live) :

Starship Power Level Bonuses
Some starships have received an adjustment to their innate power levels.

Cruisers now gain a +5 to each system (Weapons, Shields, Engines, Auxiliary)
Battlecruisers* now gain a +10 to Weapons and Engines
Raiders, Raptors, and Escorts now gain a +15 to Weapons
Carriers* now gain a +5 to Weapons and Auxiliary
Science Vessels retain their +10 to Auxiliary
* You might want to add a Battlecruiser and Carriers field.