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06-03-2010, 10:09 PM
Here is the particulars on your Avatar

Series: Upshot-Knothole
Test: Badger
Time: 12:35 18 April 1953 (GMT)
04:35 18 April 1953 (local)
Location: Nevada Test Site (NTS), Area 2
Test Height and Type: 300 Foot Tower
Yield: 23 kt

This was a test of the TX-16 thermonuclear weapon design, the reduced size cryogenic weapon descended from the Sausage device tested in Ivy Mike. The test device was named Buzzard and used a deuterium gas boosted RACER primary. The expected yield was 35-40 kt. The device had a diameter of 56 inches, and weighed 7400 lb. The full scale thermonuclear version of this design was actually deployed on a limited scale for a short time as an "Emergency Capability" weapon in late 1953 and early 1954. The full scale version was never tested though due to the success of solid fueled weapon designs 3 JUN 2010