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06-04-2010, 06:17 AM
Originally Posted by BJBeard
You have had three Core shutdowns in one shift, and you have had to crawl around in Jeffries Tubes for 6 hours of your 8 hour shift, and inside the reactor twice. You have replaced in this order:

Deuterium Injector
Starboard Plasma Regulator
SPR Isolinear control chips (all 32 of them)
Starboard Deuterium Supply Line
SDSL Valve and Regulator

Then finally when you get finished, and all you want is a drink, Guinan tells you sheis out of non-synthohol Jack Daniel's...
Eh, based on what I hear, Starfleet engineers got it cushy compared to today's Navy engineers.

At least in Star Trek you're not inside an engine (which, incidentally, is hot like an engine) for four hours surrounded by nude men.