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# 1 Federation Officers and kills
06-04-2010, 06:48 AM
(I just read Terry Pratchett's 'Only You can save Mankind' in my holidays. According to the book: I'm a little bit tired of just blowing the badies out of the stars - the explosions are great though! ).
Here are my suggestions for a more Trek like look and feel:

- As a Fed Officer: Why not stunning the bad guys first, marking them with a kind of transporter-focus-gizmo, beam them to the brig and get extra experience points, or accolades, or all of their stuff for catching them alive.

- Same with the ships: I don't expect all of the aliens thinking that its always a good day to die. Some of them might be very faint hearted. Why not letting them give up (like some high level Klingons do (!!!)).
- How about implementing a boarding option after the ship is given up - so its your's after you fought to the bridge? (Maybe with a time limit due to a self destruction countdown or warp core breach.)
- The winner than could sell the ships, fly them by himself or even build up a fleet.
IMHO this should not be a problem since most of these things already are put into effect in certain missions.

- I really enjoyed all of the Season 1.2 changes! With only one exception: I don't want any accolades for "kills". I don't even want to be called a (virtual) killer". Please give me the opportunity to reject these.