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06-04-2010, 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by gwiran View Post
(row 5, keys 1, 2 and 3)
/Bind - "+trayexecbytray 4 0 $$ +trayexecbytray 4 1 $$ +trayexecbytray 4 2"
=> emergency power to shield + hazard emitter + EPS

(row 5, keys 5, 6, 7 and 8)
/Bind Equals "+trayexecbytray 4 4 $$ +trayexecbytray 4 5 $$ +trayexecbytray 4 6 $$ +trayexecbytray 4 7"
=> emergency power to shield + hazard emitter + Nadion inversion + rotate shield freq

for each binding no cooldown is shared (i have 2 hazard emitters and 2 emergency power to shield on my engineer)
No, there's a brief "cooldown" on most abilities (half a second), meaning you can't load most abilities simultaneously. If you activate EPtS and then immediately activate HE, it will begin to activate EPtS (which takes 0.5 seconds to "charge", as per the tooltip), and put HE onto a queue. However, the queue can only hold 1 ability; you can't queue more than 1 ability at a time. If you activate a third ability while EPtS is on it's 0.5 second charge time, it will remove the 2nd ability from the queue and replace it with the 3rd ability.

So what's happening with your bind is this:
1. EPtS starts to charge (start the 0.5 second timer)
2. HE goes on the queue immediately (no time has elapsed, as all actions in a bind are executed with no delay in between)
3. HE gets removed from the queue and Nadion Inversion goes on the queue (again, no time has elapsed yet)
4. NI gets removed from the queue and RSF gets put on the queue (again, no time elapsed yet)
5. 0.5 seconds later, EPtS finishes its 0.5s charge, and RSF gets loaded (subject to a 0.5 second charge time)

That's why only your first and last abilities get loaded -- there's a 0.5s charge time on your abilities, and only 1 ability can be queued at any one time.