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I love ham.
Yes....ham is very delicious....I think I will have some for breakfast.

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No, I am forced to disagree... Pie, now that's where it's at.
QFT! I can agree 100% with this.

Originally Posted by starstranger
The Klingon empire WAY over powers Starfleet with the Vo'quv carrier and the Negh'var. I have a Vo'quv and have only died twice in PvP against powerful players. The Negh'Var is over powering because of all the crew it has (2,500 crew) and the bridge officer stations, 1 commander engineering, 1 LtC engineering, 1 Lt engineering and a science and tactical stations.

My dad and I have talked about how Cryptic is "evening" the battlefield with the Galaxy-X and how long it will probably last. And after much debate...concluded a rough estimate of 1 year. EVE on the other hand started the same way as Star Trek Online and crashed but then made a HUGE comeback and now is one of the most popular games. STO can be the same way, the only problem is that Cryptic is listening to the people who want god weapons (weapons of mass destruction). WoW fell from this and so did GoW, (God of War) it eventually became so powerful that everyone got bored and left, just like what is happening to STO.

STO still has time to be saved, don't add all powerful weapons, do something along the lines of EVE. In an all out grind, a player can reach RA/BG5 in about 3 days (that's a short game). Lengthen it out and it will be a lot more fun. Memory Alpha is a great idea, but since a player can find or buy better weapons it's worthless. Also STO has no economy. I could go on and on about mistakes that could be changed but I'll stop here.

Good luck cryptic
I'm sure I missed a few things but I had to adjust your post for better understanding. This way I can give you a proper debate.

I agree that Cryptic is "evening" out the battlefield with the Galaxy-X.

What's so overpowered about the weapons?