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06-05-2010, 10:02 AM
Fantastic utility, really worthwhile and I hope it's stickied (if it has been by the time my post goes up).

I've got the latest (2.1) version and i've discovered a small flaw. Where you enter the ship type (for that bonus) the field auto-populates with what you have entered ie: i type S, corrects to S=Science Vessel.

This is causing the ship type power bonus to remain blank, having had a quick look at the formula i believe it's the way it's been written. If you delete the additional text in the ship type box ie (in red) S=Science Vessel then the formula correctly adds the appropriate bonus. The formula is looking for the text to = only the letter code, not the description as well. I'm not an XL genius so I'm not sure how to get it to check ONLY the first letter in the box but if the text it's searching for is the SAME as the ship type box then it will display correctly. I've done a quick change to the formula on mine so that the relevant box now reads "S=science Vessel". this causes the aux box to populate correctly.

That is probably a really bad explanation but hopefully you get what I mean.