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# 1 HomsikPanda Nature Preserve RP
06-05-2010, 05:03 PM
EDIT EDIT: Anyone can join in the Homsikpanda Nature Preserve RP, drop in and out at any time, and just have fun in the craziness of it all. You do not need a character bio, or anything, there is no in or out character. Feel free to add to the backpack world, as anything in there is possible.

The Homsikpanda nature preserve opperates on two levels;
The Preserve locations;
- A big tree which shadows the Cookieplants
- A cookieplant field
- The Warren, a small underground mannor house
-- Currently in one of the rooms is Momo's backpack, which is the entrance to the next "level"
- Lots of grassy fields for as far as the eye can see
The Backpack
-The rules of physics do not apply, anything could be in here, and as I've forgotten much of what I've put in here, there's literally endless possibilities, some of the random things have gravitated together, to form something resembling loosely a planet.
- A rope reaches down inside the backpack from outside, following the rope you climb up, towards the ground of what appears at this distance, to be a small planet. The rope lies on the ground, and trails off through a dense forest;
- The forest area has a stone balcony "cut-away" overlooking a bunny version of the Statue of Liberty.
- Somewhere nearby is a hall of dangling clocks.
-Somewhere deeper into the planet, there's a vast area of chocolate plants, bellow a large jelly cliff, valleys are predominant here. the ground is made up of many different carpets.

Currently this thread is decorated with a vast meadow of Cookieplants, and a tall green tree.

More recently, there is a backpack sitting unattended by the tree, with a sign reading: "DO NOT ENTER", on closer inspection the bag is much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside... (Page 40)

Original Content:
Because Panda's are cute... if a little forgetful, creatures ^_^

(See, now you have you're own thread named after you Panda =O)