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# 1 State of the Game 6/5/2010
06-05-2010, 07:14 PM
I'd like to take the time to address the shortcommings I percieve to be abundant in the game.

I'll break it down into what i feel is broken, and possible ways to fix it:

Remote Contacts = Broken
Give some way to hide the lower level defend missions, explore missions, and a dang counter to show how many times I have done it.

Remote Contacts seriously needs to be revamped.

Sector Space = Dead and Boring
I understand you were going for a tactical view type feeling. That is great, but I believe as advanced as the races were in the Star Trek Universe they would have had it a bit more ... Vibrant.
You could have the Systems Planet icon's ANIMATED and Colored. The static Blue, green, red colors has got to go.

BOFF powers = Underwhelming
There is no real purpouse to using a purple -vs- blue -vs- green -vs- white BOFF. Put some really unique abilities in each rarity pool, and don't place those abilities in the power store. Make people Want to use the boffs with unique abilities. The one unique ability should not be able to be untrained, or trained to other officers.
White Officers = No unique abilities. (All 4 retrainable power slots)
Green Officers = 1 Uncommon Unique ability. With 3 Common (Trainable)
Blue Officers = 1 Rare ability (only cross trainable with other blue abilities), 1 Uncommon (only cross trainable with other Uncommon Abilities, and 2 Common (only trainable with common ability slots.
Purple Boffs = 1 Ultra Rare (NOT cross trainable with other purple abilities), 1 Rare (only cross trainable with Blue abilities), and 1 Uncommon (cross trainable with Green abilities), and 1 Common (Cross trainable with common abilities.)

Make it so the purple abilities are Truely rare, and if you came across any 5 people with the ability of that officer it would be a miracle. Then make the ability almost overpowered. IE: A get out of jail free card, or an almost I win button. But make it's cooldown SUPER SUPER long.

Missions: = Cool - But where is the Unique bosses?
That Drop Unique Gear? I'd like to fly into a known sector that "Shintek the Orion Pirate" frequents, and is known to drop some blue and green gear that is UNIQUE in it's proc's ... IE: Let's say his loot table involved a Blue Disruptor Beam Array that had all the normal blue abilities of disruptors. IE it's damage debuff, and dps amounts. But also had a unique proc "Damage thrusters" and Decreased Turn rate by 5% of the targeted ship.

We need more mission Bosses that are static and have X% chance to appear every time N mission was run, and awards unique gear that CANNOT be bought.

Need a background, and story arc, and a full gammut of misison's.
Need their cloak nerfed ... Klink shields should take longer to drop, and longer to re-appear. They should be vulnerable for a little longer period of time. So we can see they are starting to cloak, and try to get off a Torp Spread on them for hull damage while their shields are down.

Also -- SFB wich this game is heavily designed around. Klingons had strong forward shields, medium side shields, and weak rear shields. This should be implemented to make it a little more strategic when fighting klinks.

BG's are ok - But we really need persistent sector space PVP. Where we can go to fight instead of doing the same arena's and capture and hold's over and over and over again.

We should be able to take and hold territory in the Neutral Zone.

Get rid of the stupid Borg Warzone PVP in the Kerrat system, -or- Halve the cubes and probes, and then FIX the collision issues of the probes getting stuck in the decryption nodes where they can fire on us, yet we can't fire on them. JEEZ! Learn to code!

Daily's + Endgame Gear.
The Daily's have either got to start awarding MORE (Double maybe?) mark's of exploration, mar's of Valor, etc., or the Daily's have to have their timers shortened. The fact that I would have to run the Daily's for over 10 days to get equipped for endgame PVP is ridiculous.

Cryptic Store:
You need to allow us to buy Cryptic points, at a reasonable rate with in game cash. Having to spend real money for the different ship varient's is stupid! I can see some people may want to use real money to get the item faster, but we should be offered an alternative in game way to pay for the ship costumes, or emote packs, or playable races. You could even tie those items into quest lines. IE: But it with real money, or do the quest (IE: Quest should be somewhat hard), or buy it with Merit Points, etc.

Antiproton weapons:
Nerf them into the ground

Ship Resists:
Give us slots on ships specifically for ship resists. And move then out of the engineering consoles line. You can keep the varieties you have. But make more variant's to the percentages of resists.

These could also drop off of unique named mission mobs.

Give at least two hull armor slots to toss these resists into.

Ground Combat:
Horrible! Something I have to suffer through. The controls are horrible. The Camera Control's are atrocious.
REVAMP it all for ground combat.

Make it control more like a third person shooter. All this autofacing, and auto sidestepping around a targeted mob has got to go. All the other MMO's, and FPS's in the world have control schemes 10x better than yours

Where are all the animals on these lifeless world's you have me performing mission's on?

With these improvements you will be on the right track ... But you will still have a L O N G way to go.

P.S. Not bothering with spelling, punctiation or grammar. I can't believe I even wasted my time writing this. Cryptic won't listen, and this game will still be broke beyone belief, and it will slowly flounder and die.