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06-05-2010, 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by godowar View Post

Missions: = Cool - But where is the Unique bosses?
That Drop Unique Gear? I'd like to fly into a known sector that "Shintek the Orion Pirate" frequents, and is known to drop some blue and green gear that is UNIQUE in it's proc's ... IE: Let's say his loot table involved a Blue Disruptor Beam Array that had all the normal blue abilities of disruptors. IE it's damage debuff, and dps amounts. But also had a unique proc "Damage thrusters" and Decreased Turn rate by 5% of the targeted ship.

That sounds like some game I used to play. And got bored with.

Need a background
Did you just say Klingons need a background?

Yeah, ok, I'm done reading this.