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06-06-2010, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by livingdeadjedi View Post
Well at least your easy to buy a present for
halbert? =D
i'd like a halbert =3
all metal shaft if possible =3 =D
it'll match my naginata ^_^ (except my naginata brokee coz the shaft was manufactered in 2 parts =.= )

oh oh oh or maybe Tsurugi =D
or an Ōdachi =D
oh oh oh or a crossbow =3 i <3 crossbows! =3
or maybe a dao! =D

oh oh or a great sword, or a great axe =3
or a gladius! =D
oh oh or a spiked chain @_@
oh oh oh or or or or or a set of throwing axes! =D

i'd get a katana but, that's just so cliche >_>;