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I really do not know if this has been discussed here already anywhere but did anyone notice that all the ground settings somehow look like the environment would have been already there perfectly shaped and afterwards there would have been the characters placed in just in about 50% of their normal height?

I always loved to explore the interior of starfleet vessels in any st game because of the typical star trek feeling. I really do not get this felling in sto, because i always feel like my char and his officers have been shrinked by 50% in ground missions. Look at the turbolift doors. They look like you could drive trough with a whole truck. I know this might have been done because of getting a better overview while fighting but isnīt there another way to solve this? I remind myself of hdro where the interior designs have always been in the correct size to the figures.

Anyhow I just wanted to say this. Maybe there are some other users following me. This is just meant as a suggestion to intensify the st feeling and the authenticity of the franchise. I guess this could be a really good idea for the future.