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# 6 Shield Regeneration Found!
06-06-2010, 07:40 PM
I was looking through my Accolades and Passive abilities and I found where Cryptic has hidded our Shield Regeneration stat.
  • While in space on your ship, press U.
  • Click on your Captain, then Status.
  • Expand the new Passives accordian.
  • Scroll down to {Type} Shield Emitter (the type will vary depending on which shield type you have, for example Covariant).
  • Point at Shield Emitter, wait for the pop-up tooltip.
The Shield Emitter stat shows your current regneration and, while I've only done some basic testing with my one shield, it seems accurate while in system space, and is affected by your Shield Power level.

Yay, thanks for adding this Cryptic. Though it is buried, so it would be nice to see the Shield Emitter stat somewhere on the HUD or in the Ship's stats (ie and not a pop up tooltip we have to wait for). Also, calling it an Emitter could make one confused with the Starship Emitter skill (or maybe that does improve it?). I don't know if my skill level affects the Shield Emitter stat or not... (I'm assuming not).

One down, one to go.