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06-06-2010, 11:49 PM
Originally Posted by Rajalia View Post
Pretty much the same problem here. Have the game loaded on both my laptop and Desktop. So far laptop is experiencing absolutely no issues. Desktop ran completely fine until today. Made no changes, no drivers were currently updated beyond what I had done previous to the game being installed.

Suddenly get the screen freeze with bluish diagnals which then goes to a black screen, cutting the signal to my displays. Made a few attempts... first few times at least got to play a bit before the issue emerged. The last attempt I made it to the character select screen before it died.

There's absolutely no explination for it or reason. Especially when all components have been confirmed working and operating well within their limits.
Mine is doing very similar for the past several days. I'll be playing and everything is working fine, then my screens will go blank and show no signal. Then I have to power off and back on. It's not happening with any other game but STO.