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Originally Posted by SpaceFork
first of all its not man, its the Chinese. there is a difference. Also they practically refuse to mate. They are too delicate and specialized of a creature to ultimately survive.

of course not, why would anyone live in Iowa? the last resident of Iowa died in 1984.
the chinese are men
and a female panda is only fetile for 2-3 days every year (so not alof of room for baby making )
pandas in the wild aswell are more "matey" then camptive pandas because captive pandas become overweight and excessively lazy from not having to do anything.
also being a carnivour that eats mostly plants (though they will eat fish, meat and eggs when they find it (yes this would technicly make them an omnivour but thier digestive system classifys them as a carnivour coz they don't have the digestive ability to digest plant life effectively enough to get much energy from it (similiar to the vegitarian gorrilla))) because of this they have a low metabolism and avoid expending large ammounts of energy unless needed, they also dislike steep slopes >_>
also because people/zoos know so little about panda mating and child rearing, they often mistake natural panda habits (like the mommy not leaving the baby panda for like 3 weeks straight then suddenly getting up and waddling out to go poop and get noms and staying out for the whole day, zoo keepers used to see this as abandonment and would go and save the baby panda but due to not really knowing how to care for a baby panda properly (coz only it's mommy can do this) the baby panda often wouldn't last very long :c )

so to summerize:
wild pandas = health and lots of bebe pandas and maintaining population, except for lack of territory, thus inability to exspand and due to a small area of food supply and so many pandas nomnomnom on the same food they are dieing of over population and shortage of food.
zoo pandas : over weight, and generally lazy, due to over abbundance of food and lack of needing to do anything ( i mean come on the food is catered in to them, they usually don't even get out of bed to eat... you'd be fat and lazy and not want to waste energy of making babies too if you were like that )