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I experimented briefly with the character generator, and found that I am not skilled with it at all. Which led me to the following idea:

What if there was a C-Store item that would allow the buyer to submit a drawing or a photo, and have one of the character modellers at Cryptic "draw up" the character for use as your captain/avatar? They could dictate the submission guidelines (face/body angles, limits on alien designs, etc...), and part of the process would be to have a waiver/disclaimer for IP and legal stuff.

I'm sure the demand would be there. I'm sure I'm not alone with the being lost on the character editor. And I'm sure there would be plenty of players who would love to see themselves as the captain of their ship. Or to see themselves slightly modified as a Trill or Vulcan, or even just a different skin color...

The only real problem I can see from this is having some players using other people's faces/likenesses (i.e. celebrity photos) without their permission...

Just wanted it out there for Cryptic to stumble upon, or see what everyone thinks.