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So I know cross posting is usually frowned upon. But GM_Destra just made a new stickied post in the STO Discussion Forums, and this is the C-Store Forums and I've seen dozens and dozens of threads asking for these items to be put in the C-Store. So I felt the need to at least let folks here know about the thread ...

GM_Destra plays the role of Santa Claus to hundreds of posters!

Many of our players have been asking if the items that were given out as retailer bonuses will ever become available in the C-Store.

This is something we would love to be able to provide, and are currently working on getting this set up! While there are some bonus unlocks that may remain exclusive, there are a few bonuses that we’d like to make available for the community. This will allow players who purchased Star Trek Online and didn't get a bonus item they wanted the opportunity to do so!

Here’s the list of what we’re currently hoping to add soon:

* Deep Space 9 and TNG Series Uniforms
* The Original Series Uniforms
* Mirror Universe Uniforms
* The Ability to use NX as the prefix for your ship registry
* Tier 1 TOS Enterprise ship
* Federation/Klingon Faction Borg Bridge Officer
* Bloodwine Toast Emote
* Khan!! Emote
* Joined Trill Species (unlocks for both factions)
* Klingon Targ Pet
* Unique Tribble Pet

While it may require some time for implementation and QA, rest assured that we recognize the need and are working as quickly as possible to make it happen!
Ka-Boom! Request approved!

As stated above, I've seen dozens and dozens and dozens of threads asking for these items to be put in the C-Store.

And now Cryptic is going to do just that.

I'm happy for the people who want these items.