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06-08-2010, 06:46 PM
A sad day indeed again cryptic epic fails. I say to all my fellow preorder lifers and my fellow preorder of multiple copies to get these items it's time to boycott don't waste your money on anything involving this game. There are those of us that spent alot of money on this game from the beginning to get these items and now they're going to be practically given away in the cstore from now on we should just save our money and whine and cry here and get them cheap or free

Again cryptic shame on you you suckered people into buying multiple copies of your game by offering different bonuses with each copy (regardless of wording in advertisement) that statements for dictionary boy you know who you are most of us figured this would be the only way to get these items so we bought multiple copies. Now you are going to make it available to everyone? This is WRONG