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06-08-2010, 08:22 PM
I'm good with it.

I only bought one copy and my LTS since I saw this coming a mile away. Cryptic have demonstrated their sly marketing tactics all too well and this is the point where the fun starts.

If those that feel this is a betrayal leave - Cryptic can sell the stuff on the C-Store because the dissenters have left.

If those that feel this is a betrayal stay - Cryptic can STILL sell the stuff but by staying your condoning that action.

Conclusion: Cryptic can do whatever they want to whoever they want and you cant do anything to stop them.
If you dont like it, leave otherwise get used to it and if your smart you might actually learn a lesson.

I find it hilarious that Cryptic's marketing is almost as brutal as EVE Online gameplay. I have to give credit to Cryptic for managing to milk an IP that has so many people willing to spend far too much cash for the slightest content.