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So this weekend, I will be hitting my 5th referral as billed. I will also this month, be up to 7 people who were referred -> purchased the game & decided to subscribe for 30 days after their free time was up.

I worked very hard to recruit those people, I spent hours talking up the game and convincing them of the merits, I spent my time in-game to helping and making them feel welcome.

Then, I see this:

Really? This item can only be claimed once?

Some people have paid upwards of $200+ for their own 5 subs and others like myself have worked hard for it. Regardless of the method taken.... this is robbery.....

I have been a firm supporter of the recruitment program. Every item has applied to all of your characters and never were any limitations announced.

In fact, I planned to use the Galaxy-X on several characters if the ship proved to be interesting enough.

We need a response on this, is this a mistake, just for now (until the errors are fixed regarding claiming it) or did you really, just CON us all(those who did the program) into conducting a pseudo-pyramid scheme for you in order to get a ship once....