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06-09-2010, 11:30 AM
I saw that, and immediately after nerd raging, thought of you and the fact that I do, unfortunately, owe you an apology for the attitude. Hopefully you can understand in a virtual world filled with morons, it is difficult to actually tell the legitimate sources from the rumor mongers.

I am not hopeful that they will have a variation (as I have been so adamantly championing) for non-CO-LTS MU unis.

I fully expect to see Liberated Borg Captains, Galaxy-X, and other high-profile exclusive reward items in the C-Store (or Vet program) eventually, and have ceased any and all efforts on my part to promote this game as a result. I can only hope that the C-Store Borg BO is something that can be had in addition to the pre-order one, making for a mostly-Borg crew (1 pre, 1 C-store, 1 STF)... but that's unlikely.

This is disappointing, but when reflecting on what is available in CO, I'm ultimately not surprised.