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06-10-2010, 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by adigregorio View Post
Wow, I steer clear of the boards for a few days and this happens!!

Wonder what made them decide to give these items away ala C-Store?
Their not exactly giving these things away for 'Free'. This is a way to continue to get micro-transcation income from 'Lifer' accounts who can't afford (or refuse to purchase) buying new retail packages for 'perks' , as well as from the general subscription population...

Originally Posted by Dwapook View Post
There were a couple bonus items offered through atari sales for a very limited time.. can't remember what they were though!
There was a 'limited edition' Healing console that offered for one weekend, but its not on the current list. Neither is the 'Radiometric' console that is still being offered by one of the Digital Download providers, or the 'Satellite Phaser Turret'...