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06-10-2010, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by adigregorio View Post
Never said "free" said "giving these away ala C-store"

(Since I foresee semantics: I got 500+ free C-points, so "technically" it is free)

Also, do you have a link (proof) to the rest of your explanation? Or is that just your opinion?
This is mostly IMHO, but if you want proof, just look at all the posts praising the introduction of these 'perks' into the C-Store...

And to quote the Dev's post...
Originally Posted by GMDestra
Hey All,

I'm collecting feedback from this thread.

So far I assert that the primary areas of feedback are:

1.) Many players agree with the change and are excited to see these items become available.
2.) Players who elected to purchase multiple retail copies feel that their purchases are being devalued by allowing other users to purchase these items at a significantly lower price via the C-Store.

(And also as a matter of semantics, the only really 'Free' Cryptic Points was that 250 Pt reward for filling out that STO Survey, All the other 'Free' Cryptic Points are either associated with a purchase with $$$, either directly, or indirectly such as Referral Recruitment)
3.) Early-adopters who found value in the exclusivity find that the value of their purchase has diminished due to the fact that the items will be less exclusive than they were before.

I'm going to ensure that the feedback is heard. While I think that ultimately, we would like to provide these items to the users who couldn't get them before, it's always important to make sure that feedback is properly relayed.

As stated before, getting something "now" will generally come at a greater price than waiting. I apologize to anyone that feels that these changes are coming too soon, and hope that you all can understand that we are doing our best to make as many players happy as possible. Not everyone will always agree with every change, but we try! I even send out links to some of the player run polls that some people make on Polldaddy.

(and also as a matter of semantics, the only really 'Free' Cryptic Points was the 250 points reward for filling out that STO survey. All the other 'Free' Cryptic points are associated with a purchase involving $$$, either directly, or indirectly, such as Recruitment rewards)