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11-20-2008, 02:46 PM
Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
I thought modular ships were assumed.

While I'm sure you can give your first ship the highest level of phasers possible, I'm also sure that it's going to have one HELL of a slow recharge and lack of power.

To me, it seems that, yes, you can upgrade ships, but even that has limits before you have to move onto something bigger.
I didn't think modular was assumed, but maybe I'm in the minority there.

I agree in that yes you should be able to upgrade you ship, but that there should be a motivation to leave a "lower tier level" ship for as you put it "something bigger and better".

Part of the answer is contained in the modularity idea. If our access to ships of a larger size is a part of progression it would mean that the lower leveled ships would have less room and therefore modularity would force all but the die hard to move to a ship that allowed them to equip more.