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06-11-2010, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by Morfaz
This is all very confusing.

So, Mace Windu was a Nazi Jedi and he killed Stan Lee because he wasn't cast as Spider-Man?

Rubbish. Rubbish, I say.

We all know Peter Parker can be portrayed by non-other-than this guy!
Originally Posted by Vrano Not sure much can be said about that pic.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but seeing as that guy appears more southern Asian than black, and the Swastika, a holy symbol with a long history is not necessarily a Hakenkreuz (the actual name for the Nazi insignia), and the fact that he's smiling in the picture tells me that either he doesn't realize the red field makes it look like a Hakenkreuz or he doesn't care.

On a side note, thank you, Mister Hitler, for ruining one of the most revered symbols in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Thank you so very much.

That is all.