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06-11-2010, 06:47 PM
ESP is ridiculously unbalanced. Its an 15 second invoulnerability button. EVERYBODY is using it. It needs massive attention.
There are two reasons that everyone would use a given power. The first is that it's ridiculously overpowered and virtually guarantees victory when used properly. The second is that it's so critical to the game that *not* to use it virtually guarantees defeat.

RSP fits into the second category. It's overpowered for sure, compared to virtually every other defensive ability in the game. It is also the ONLY power in the game that gives a reliable defense to focused fire, which in a game like STO cannot be optional. Some ships (Eng / Cru, for example) have very potent defenses without RSP (e.g. RSF + EP: Shields, given the broken way shield resists stack at the moment), but others (all Escorts, all Raptors, many builds of BoP) have no other reliable defense and NEED RSP to be an effective threat.

Nerfing RSP would have significant consequences for game balance, particularly if the nerf is done hastily. It already has a significant number of counters. It doesn't need to be nerfed, because it's not broken.