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06-12-2010, 02:00 AM
Sure, why not. And while we're at it let's have an asian Hulk since we know asians are smart so it makes sense that Bruce Lee - er,Banner, would be Asian.

They could also have a American Indian Thor, a Russian Captain America and a black Nick Fury!

... oh wait, they already did that last one.

Originally Posted by Sir_Cedric View Post
Over at syfy wire, they posted a story, where Stan 'The Man' Lee gives his 2 cents on an African American playing the role of spider-man.

Now IMO if they are going to reboot spider-man to begin with, I say why not redo the whole story. Look at it this way, we have the Ultimate Universe, so why not open the door to something like this. Heck we are already mad over the last movie, which wasn't that great, so maybe this will move the story back on track, but with a new look.

I resect everything Mr. Lee has to say on this topic, after all he help to pen the Spider-man, and it was part of his empire at one time.

So what do you guys think on this topic? Should there be an African-American cast as Spider-man for the next movie?