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06-12-2010, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
According to the engineering player thread, Engineers do very well in a science vessel.
I know one fleetmate whos a engineer that flys a DSSV. The reason why engineers like the Sci vessel because of the Aux to fuel their sci abilities.

Though they have limited engineering abilites because of the officer slots. The fact many of the useful abilitles for engineers are at Lt and ensign level. The other is that engineers are main specced in their class abilities not science so they would have pretty good results with their engineering abilties since they are not tied to any specific energy system level. Science abilties are slaved to Aux levels.

That is why Engineers do well because they can still dump a lot of power into Aux and still have decent results with their engineer abilities because they are specced into that area.


Edited/ PS...Engineers do well in Sci and Cruiser vessels yet you won't see too many sci flying in others as you noticed. Surprise don't see more Eng flying in Science vessels isn't it?