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06-12-2010, 02:03 PM
Yeah, I need to do the STFs, so I can get the Borg Sci officer. I've also been thinking of getting my sister to sign-up for STO (she's always been a big Trek and RPG fan, like me; I think she'll like STO, especially if/when Season 2.0 comes out), so I can get the Holographic Sci officer.

I'd love to see a Borg Tactical officer available in-game (or the C-Store, if truly necessary; I don't think it should be, though); maybe something similar to the Jem'Hadar Borg Tactical Officers. Maybe a female one to even out the genders of the four of them?

I would probably buy a Borg Tac officer from the C-Store, if there was no other way to get it (and depending on it's cost, of course). I want to try to get the KA STF one, but I'll have to do all 3 STFs, and I'm heard some (minor) horror stories about them, lol. I do really want the Science one the most, though; my friend mentioned an idea about having a Borg CMO (back around beta, before we found out the Amazon officer was female and Engineering), and I've always wanted to have one.

I guess I just need to get off my butt and do the STFs. I'd still like to see a way to get a Borg Tac officer, though, hopefully in-game. Pretty good idea (C-Store versions), imo.