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06-13-2010, 04:41 AM
Originally Posted by spynghotoh
This machine is meant to takee higher heat (was built for it), drivers and directX are both updated. This is the thing, the game ran fine when I played it before, nothing like this ever happened, its just when I started playing again, after all these patches
Yes, but you said "a number of months ago", dust can build up like crazy during that time, especially if you have a well ventilated case. :p Check your temps anyway.

But also make sure you don't have programs like nhancer, or OSD's running, I made that mistake once... curse you Nhancer...

Again try running the "Force Verify" from the launcher, if still nothing then perhaps try reinstalling.

Or it can be something simple like defragging your HDD, you'd be amazed at how much that can help.