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Originally Posted by Tragamite View Post
I could totally understand if when I go there there are a dozen RP'ers loving life and shootin the bull here but the only thing I ever see going on is one or two people heading to the bank exchange and mailbox. I just felt like expressing my interest that if you had everything at the Captains Table to include some exclusive missions, especially since everyone will have access to it after they have played for 400 days.

Make it feel like an exclusive club in the lobby and the side areas have all your needs at one stop, ships, personell, crafting, weapons, equipment, and the bank, exchange and mailbox all at one place. Leave some thing where they should be like the Memory Alpha Vendors but have a crafting station at the captains table.

The ability to buy any ship, modify it and select it as current should also be available here. Since this is a mutual meeting area of ALL factions diplomatic missions or missions using other faction ships could be possible.

About the story telling cost! What if when I went to purchase simple items I was given the option to select 1 of 3 stories. 1 story is fantastic one is ok and the other he doesn't like. If he doesn't like your story you don't get your purchase. If he finds it fantastic you get a little something extra!

For more elaborate items the number of stories to choose from would increase but still only 2 will complete your purchases. Just a thought but I just feel there is so much potential to be offered at the Captains Table and nothing seems to really be happening there.
I'm a bit dubious about there being the bank, exchange and mail thing there already. I don't think I'd like it to be a one-stop-shop because that would stop me from ever wanting to visit ther places. Crafting should stay on Memory Alpha, so that I'd have a reason to go there.

I'd like it to have all unique features, e.g. a special mini-game - Quark's is getting Dabo, so maybe at The Captain's Table you could have a unique game like 3D chess or something. Or a tell Cap a Story mini-game.

Special exclusive missions sounds possible, as you've got some Admirals there just waiting around like Admiral Quinn and Admiral T'nae. They could offer some exclusive mission while you're there and nowhere else.

Other features could be like hints on what's to come, or spoilers or exclusive info from the developers. That green concierge woman already drops a hint about the Breen when you first get there because she's got a message for you from the future.

It would be nice if the developers used it as a hang out spot to chat with us too. It seems like they only hang out on Tribble sever. They should drop by the Captain's Table and interact with their lifetime players, because we're the ones who want the game to succeed and give suggestions.

Instead of a one-stop-shop they should just make access more convenient. Since the Captain's Table exists outside of normal spacetime, then how about using it as a travel-hub? You could walk through a door in your ship interior/ready-room and appear at The Captain's Table. Much more convenient than flying to Spacedock and going through the nebula!

But since doors to the Captain's Table can appear throughout the galaxy, how about letting us exit at other locations so that we could get around faster (instead of going through sector space, like how the transwarp network speeds up travel? We could be on our ship, go to the captains table and exit at a special captain's table door at Memory Alpha to do some quick crafting. Then go back through the door, through the captains table and back on your ship.

That way, everything is withiin walking access, and you wouldn't need the place to have extra rooms to function as a one-stop-shop - you'd just be able to access all the different locations and features you want!