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06-13-2010, 07:38 PM
III: Test Methodology & Test Data

I'll briefly describe my testing methodology here for those who are interested in it. Those not interested can feel free to skip it.

I performed my weapon tests by firing on a friend in a private PvP instance with each weapon combination for approximately 10 minutes (sometimes slightly longer because I didn't stop the tests at exactly the same time). I later went back and performed an additional test run on some weapon combinations.

For weaponry I used all MK I phaser equipment. This was due both to the cheap cost and ease of availability, and also because the lower base damage meant there was less chance of accidentally blowing up my friend, which would have just wasted time.

Tests were performed at the listed weapon power, and with the following relevant skills: 9 Starship Attack Vectors, 9 Energy Weapons, 9 Beams, 9 Cannons, 1 Phasers. No tactical consoles of any kind were equipped, and no EPS relays were equipped.

Once I had completed a test, I trimmed the combat logs so they began with the first shot I fired and ended with the last shot. I then totalled the base magnitude from all shots and divided it by the time in combat to get the DPS figures. Unfortunately, the standard STO log parser doesn't have an easy option to average base magnitude, so I had to write a quick tool to extract that info from the log.

After I had collected the data, I adjusted it slightly to account for some noise, such as slightly different critical hit percentages. Specifically I set it so that the critical hit percentage for all tests was 4.5% and the critical damage was 150% of normal (160% for DHC). These adjustments resulted in only a very small change in the overall results, but it should make them slightly more accurate overall.

Test Data Links
Weapon Scaling Summary (Text Format)
Weapon Scaling Summary (Spreadsheet Compatible Format)

Unfortunately, due to the sheer size of all of the combined log files, I cannot upload them to my personal webspace. If you're really interested in seeing them, send me a PM and we can arrange something.