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06-13-2010, 07:39 PM
IV: Test Results & Graphs

Now you're finally to the interesting part: the results of the tests. Rather than listing a bunch of raw numbers here, which are hard to digest, I'm simply going to provide links to graphs which clearly display the information. If you want more detailed data, you can see my log and summary links above.

Weapon Damage Scaling 35 Weapon Power
Weapon Damage Scaling 50 Weapon Power
Weapon Damage Scaling 75 Weapon Power
Weapon Damage Scaling 100 Weapon Power
Weapon Damage Scaling 125 Weapon Power

If you'd like to see how this weapon scaling affects your own starship weapons loadout, there is now an easy way to do so! Just download my Starship DPS Calculator, which is based on the above testing!

The weapon scaling graphs show the combined damage output of each weapon type with various numbers of weapons equipped. Damage has been normalized so that 100 equals the damage output of a single beam array at 100 power. Each graph reflects results at a given power level.

The graphs scale from a single weapon up to 4 weapons for frontal arc weapons, and up to 8 weapons for beams and turrets. With the forward arc weapons, I also tested the damage scaling for adding up to 4 rear turrets (unfortunately I could not test 4 DHC/DC and 4 turrets due to not having a high enough Klingon character).

By studying the different graphs you will see that a higher weapon power setting allows you to fire more weapons without experiencing a serious drop off in damage.