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06-13-2010, 10:31 PM
Originally Posted by Devistator View Post
um, just thought i would puth this fourth.... "Thats The Point, it's not suposed to be easy".

getting the Galaxy X through refferals is a reward for promoting the game, not an entitlement.
and if you could get it with cpoints or it was easy, everyone would have it. and there would be no reason to work twards anything. the galaxy x is probly the one thing worth working twards when it comes to in-game items.
it is more than fair. and on top of that you don't have to have even 5 diehard trek friends to make this work, just ask around... i mean i managed to get 3 people to sub for a month just to give it a try and mabe get them away from orld of worcrap for a change(at least for a bit.) they aren't trekies, they aren't sci-fi fans and are obsessed with wow, so, really, take it as it is. btw, your young....

c'mon people what's the problem with actualy having to try for something, if it were an entitlement instead of a reward for promoting the game they would have already said it will be in the c-store.

as i see it, issues like this only arise when people who are upset they didn't pre-order because they dont' get the exclusive's or find out there is a bonus that they can't have because of one reason or the other, they whine and complain just for the shear fact that they like what it is and refuse to take part in an action that would benifit the game/company in anyway saying " i bought the game and am paying monthly fee's , now give me everything everyone else has."
what a waist of inteligence.
Vet reward? That's pretty much, giving away the ship for free. I am sure everyone here would agree that if this was available as a vet reward, not that many people would've tried to get five people to sign up, buy, and subscribe to the game, or let alone, dish out $200 out of their own pocket to get the ship.

There are already many dozens or even hundreds who spent days, possibly weeks, trying to recruit five people to get this ship. If Cryptic EVER decides to have this ship available via C-Store or even any other means, then as other posters have mentioned, no one will EVER fall for meaingless Cryptic's promotions, including pre-orders, tribble tests, and R5F programs.

Seriously, why spend extra time and risk participating in refer a friend program or buy pre-orders or any promotions Cryptic ask, when you can just seat around for several months, until Crpytic makes these items available via C-Store or Vet Reward?